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The CCM RBZ Revolution stick delivers the next generation of shooting performance. It is the first stick to feature Faceplate Technology that increases Coefficient of Restitution (C.O.R.). The Power Alloy works in the same way as the faceplate on a TaylorMade driver – it adds strength and stability for a hotter face to maximize power. The addition of Technora fibers to the shaft also helps take durability to new heights. The RBZ family continues to set the standard in the industry for both innovation and performance. 

The RBZ Revolution's FacePlate Technology with Power Alloy is a new blade structure which increases the blade's sweet spot while shooting. The Power Alloy that was developed to provide greater strength, offering unmatched C.O.R for powerful shots.

The PowerHosel 2 features a longer shaft that sits deeper towards the heel of the blade for a more efficient energy transfer.

The Revolution features a unique custom kick point flex profile that is ideal for shooters. The stick will ultimately flex where the player's bottom hand is placed.

Thanks to Technora Reinforcement, the Revolution's shaft has increased durability, without compromising performance due to the bending properties of Aramid fibers.

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